Are you ready to make a difference, build a loyal community, launch your offering, boost your bottom line, and set yourself up for sustainable success?

Join the world’s most immersive online business accelerator for entrepreneurial yoga teachers.


Introducing The Yoga Professional Incubator©

A 6-month online immersion + community for yoga teachers + coaches like no other.

The Incubator provides you with a proven framework, mentorship, and confidence to create clarity on your vision, execute, and get results. Learn how to secure your financial future and ride the wave into a new paradigm of sustainable success. You will be guided through this process by leader and mentor Lissa Lenz, and supported along the way by our kick-ass community.

This is the most comprehensive program for yoga teachers that are ready to rise, serve, and thrive!

Over the course of the program, Lissa will teach you how to build the necessary foundations to succeed, automate key parts of your business, connect with your community, create a loyal following, create and launch in-person and online classes, courses, programs, or retreats, and shift from an overwhelmed, struggling, or stagnating yoga teacher, to a full-blown professional so you can share your gifts and make a difference in the world.

Get laser-focused, and receive the EXACT step-by-step blueprint Liss implemented to build a successful and sustainable business as a yoga professional. Experience unsurpassed support and accountability, along with tectonic shifts in your personal growth that translate into real-world success and truly spectacular results — for you and for those you serve.

Does this sound like you?

  • The past couple of years has been a huge wake-up call, you have taken some steps to pivot your business, but you know there has to be a better way to leverage your talent and time than teaching class after class.

  • You know in your heart there is an incredible opportunity that exists to increase your freedom, impact, and income, and you are ready to seize the moment, expand your online offerings, and get expert guidance along with encouragement, support, and accountability that will save you time, money, stress.

  • You teach a little or a lot and are interested in using your time efficiently and effectively to make the greatest impact, save your sanity, and maximize your earnings.

  • You are ready to commit to a proven path with a track record of results and do the work to create the outcome you know is possible.

  • You are unsure of the first steps to take and although you are willing to learn, at times you feel overwhelmed by the process and the tech required to build your (online) business.

  • You have done free masterclass after masterclass, utilized free resources on the web but have not gotten the traction you hoped for. You are trying but feel confused and uncertain of what to do, where to focus, and questioning if the online game is a viable space for you.

  • You just graduated YTT or graduated a while back and are at a loss of how to set up your teaching business, or how to stand out in the sea of teachers.

  • You are a seasoned teacher, feeling stagnated, and ready to optimize your business, reach more students, create new offerings, and rise to the next level.

  • You are lacking confidence, find yourself in comparison mode and listen to the inner critic more than you listen to your higher self.

  • You tell your students how important a home practice is … but you’re stretched too thin to do your own.

  • Teaching Yoga isn’t just a job — it’s a calling. But lately (or for a long time), you’ve worried WTF!  How do I make this career sustainable?

Sound familiar? You are NOT ALONE.

For over a decade I have mentored and supported hundreds of yoga teachers from around the world who felt lost, overwhelmed, intimidated, stale, or disheartened and set in motion powerful shifts by sharing the exact steps I have taken to build and sustain a successful and sustainable yoga business.

Regardless of where you are on the path if you are wondering what you can do today to leverage the new normal, make the biggest impact, and take your business to the next level you have landed in the exact right place and the right time.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to success stories from participants.

Hi, Lissa Lenz

Lissa Lenz is a distinguished leader and expert educator in yoga and movement, with over 15 years of dedicated experience. She founded The Colorado Springs School of Yoga and serves as CEO and Lead Facilitator of The Yoga Professional®, mentoring aspiring yoga entrepreneurs.

Lissa is a teacher of teachers and a passionate advocate for personal development and entrepreneurship. She offers a renowned 5-star Yoga Teacher Training and Online Business Incubator designed to empower yoga teachers to make a meaningful impact without falling into the burned-out’n broke trap.

Additionally, through her online platform and Momentum Membership, Lissa provides continuing education, inspiration, and support for yoga teachers to rise as Professionals.

 Try this:

Follow your heart. Live your passion. Grow your audience. Create your unique offerings. Launch online. Facilitate life-changing experiences for your community. Earn incredible money with impeccable integrity. Make an impact. Share your gifts. Leave a legacy.

Zero fluff.

The Yoga Professional Incubator 2.0© won’t waste an ounce of your precious time or energy.

I’ll show you how to cut away the superfluous stuff that’s sucking your time and focus on the truly important bits — whether we’re talking about streamlining your asana sequences or setting yourself up for sustainable financial success.

Our lessons are always brief, potent, and immediately actionable. And they’ll never rot on your hard drive.

Online learning = no airfare or vacation time required.

You’ll get a robust hybrid of learning styles, including group coaching calls, self-paced solo work, and opportunities for one-on-one mentoring — no matter what time zone you tune in from. Plus, you’ll have access to the entire course (including records of everything) for 12 months, to revisit any time you’re pivoting or need a boost.

If you want exceptional results, you need an exceptional approach.

Over 6-months you will hit these milestones, make your mark, and make a difference in the world!


    Heal your wounds, claim your worth, build confidence, and cultivate a deep belief in your ability to execute and get results.


    Take ownership of your gifts, leverage your unique talents for the benefit of others, and step into your power with integrity.


    Know exactly who you serve and how you serve them. Master your messaging in a way that speaks to your ideal client and converts.


    Create your very own cohesive branding across all social platforms that feels authentic and ensures you stand out from the crowd.


    Get the step-by-step for successful email marketing. Learn how to grow and nurture your community in a way that is authentic, and builds trust that ultimately leads to sales.


    Bring your ideas to life. create and validate your signature offering, and build the foundation to successfully take it to market and significantly boost your bottom line.


    Implement a proven launch strategy, build out a high converting sales page, set up email automation and payment integration.... and LAUNCH!


    Get the proven blueprint and strategic planning process for your next steps. Experience empowerment and accomplishment as you map out your strategic path forward that sets you up for long-term success.

I will show you how to turn your passion into a thriving career
that supports YOU, your community, and your cashflow.


  • Maggie T.

    TYP Incubator is an intelligently structured program that connected my passion for yoga and teaching with precise actionable steps that have resulted in a massive shift in my life and my career. I moved beyond my self-limiting beliefs and connected to my inner strength, confidence, and self-worth. I have gone from teaching a few classes a week to leading retreats, facilitating workshops, and am about to launch my second round of 200hr Teacher Training.

    To say this program was transformational, would be an understatement.

  • Valerie U.

    I can’t speak highly enough about this program and the impact that The Yoga Professional Incubator® has had on my personal life and career. I have never doubted that I am meant to teach yoga and share this practice, but I had no idea how to turn my passion into a thriving career. Being a part of a community of like-minded yogi’s with different goals opened me up to new ideas and possibilities.

    The TYP Incubator® spells it all out step-by-step and truly makes the process simple and enjoyable. If you are looking to up-level your career and are committed to growth and doing the work, then The TYP Incubator® is a must!

  • Shoma J.

    I am so glad The Yoga Professional Incubator® has been a part of my yogic journey!
    My business awareness has heightened by many degrees. Each module is a journey in itself, full of revelation, insight, and tools to make significant change happen. I have gained perspective and understanding to proceed efficiently and effectively to create success.I have emerged with confidence and clarity regarding money and my yoga business. I highly recommend!

  • Rita J.

    The Incubator has given me confidence, clarity, and direction. After my teacher training some years ago, I thought that I was destined to only hustle from studio to studio, audition after audition to make any sort of financial contribution to my families bottom line. The biggest win is having taken The Yoga Professional I know I am so much more than an instructor. I have taken responsibility for my role as a Yoga Educator and I have direction and support in where I am headed. Thanks to this program and the Incubator, I am sharing my gifts and contributing in a bigger way to my family and my community.

  • Justine M.

    I can't express how this program and opportunity has changed my life. I was feeling lost, depressed, confused, questioning my worth and my work in this world. I was told about The Yoga Professional Incubator + enrolled.

    Now, here I am, freaking jazzed and bringing to life what's possible. It's amazing because I've felt stuck and stagnant for so long! Thank you for creating this program. I cherish this opportunity every day!

  • Ilana B.

    I have transformed from feeling like an imposter, fraud, pseudo-yoga teacher to KNOWING that I have amazing, unique gifts to offer the world through teaching yoga on and off the mat, and I have tangible, clear, doable action steps to make offering my gifts to the world my reality.

    I am so glad to be have enrolled in this program - it is truly incredible, amazing and life-changing. Every yoga teacher should do it - but specifically, if you want to make yoga teaching your career, this is a must.

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  • Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game changers. They Challenge you, shake you open, uplift and expand you. They don’t let you play small with your life. These heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe

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