You and I both know you were put on the planet to serve + do big things. 

You recognize the online space is a portal of possibility, that when done right offers freedom, flexibility, and financial abundance.  

There are just two problems.  Uncertainty of where to start to seize the moment and the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

I’m glad you’re here. I can help. 

Does sound like you?

  • The past couple of years has been a huge wake-up call, you have taken some steps to pivot your business, but you know there has to be a better way to leverage your talent and time than teaching class after class.

  • You know in your heart there is an incredible opportunity that exists to increase your freedom, impact, and income, and you are ready to seize the moment, expand your online offerings, and get expert guidance along with encouragement, support, and accountability that will save you time, money, stress.

  • You teach a little or a lot and are interested in using your time efficiently and effectively to make the greatest impact, save your sanity, and maximize your earnings.

  • You are ready to commit to a proven path with a track record of results and do the work to create the outcome you know is possible.

  • You are unsure of the first steps to take and although you are willing to learn, at times you feel overwhelmed by the process and the tech required to build your (online) business.

  • You have done free masterclass after masterclass, and utilized free resources on the web but have not gotten the traction you hoped for. You are trying but feel confused and uncertain of what to do, where to focus, and questioning if the online game is a viable space for you.

  • You just graduated YTT or graduated a while back and are at a loss of what to do in the pandemic landscape, how to set up your teaching business, or how to stand out in the sea of teachers.

  • You are a seasoned teacher, feeling stagnated, and ready to optimize your business, reach more students, create new offerings, and rise to the next level.

  • You are lacking confidence, find yourself in comparison mode and listen to the inner critic more than you listen to your higher self.

  • You tell your students how important a home practice is … but you’re stretched too thin to do your own.

  • Teaching Yoga isn’t just a job — it’s a calling. But lately, (or for a long time), you've worried WTF!  how do I make this career sustainable?

Sound familiar? You are NOT ALONE.

Since 2008 I have mentored and supported thousands of yoga teachers from around the world who felt lost, overwhelmed, intimidated, stale, or disheartened and set in motion powerful shifts by sharing the exact steps I have taken to build and sustain a multiple six-figure yoga business.

Regardless of where you are on the path if you are wondering what you can do today to leverage the new normal, make the biggest impact, and take your business to the next level you have landed in the exact right place and the right time.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to success stories from participants.

Introducing The Yoga Professional Incubator©

A 6-month online immersion + community for yoga teachers + coaches like no other.

The Incubator provides you with a proven framework, mentorship, and confidence to PIVOT in this new world we are living in. Learn how to secure your financial future and ride the wave into a new paradigm of sustainable success. You will be guided through this process by industry leader Katie Brauer, and supported along the way by our kick-ass community.

This is the most comprehensive program for yoga teachers that are ready to rise, serve, and thrive!

Over the course of the program, Katie will teach you how to build the necessary foundations to succeed, automate key parts of your business, connect with your community, create a loyal following, create and launch in-person and online classes, courses, programs, or retreats, and shift from an overwhelmed, struggling, or stagnating yoga teacher, to a full-blown professional so you can share your gifts and make a difference in the world.

Get laser-focused, and receive the EXACT step-by-step blueprint Katie has implemented to build a multiple six-figure business as a yoga professional. Experience unsurpassed support and accountability, along with tectonic shifts in your personal growth that translate into real-world success and truly spectacular results — for you and for those you serve.

Imagine how it will feel to…

  • confidently go beyond your weekly class schedule and position yourself as the leader of a transformational signature program
  • create an online offering that is profitable, scalable, accessible, and full of your  ideal students
  • overcome your fears so that you can reach more people around the world, make a positive impact, and make more money

Over 6-months you will hit these milestones, make your mark, and make a difference in the world!

You know what… If not now when?

The thing is, you actually get to choose how you want to experience and subsequently remember this year…and it starts with your attitude followed by your actions. The shifting landscape of the yoga world has opened a portal of possibility, and it is up to you to leverage it for your growth and the greater good.

Listen to Student Video Testimonials


—Program Creator & Facilitator —

“Katie Brauer is a rising leader and powerhouse yogi” ~ Forbes Magazine

Hi, I’m Katie Brauer

Yoga has my heart — but entrepreneurship is in my blood.

I’ve lived in a cave in India, showering out of a bucket … and I love glitzing it up on the town. I’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, on Gaiam TV, and at Wanderlust. I’ve busted apart my body and put myself together again. I’ve created a 5-star Yoga Alliance-accredited Teacher Training Certification program that’s graduated thousands of happy skilled teachers and I have licensed my teacher training programs to individual leaders, along with one of the fastest-growing boutique yoga companies in the US.

I’ve garnered the respect of my colleagues by speaking up even when it would have been easier to stay nice ’n small. I’ve rocked the mic at TEDx, put everything on the line for my integrity, and built a reputation, an income, and a life as a Yoga Professional that feeds my soul and buys Valentino pumps.

I’m successful because I’m true to myself. And I love helping people like you live fearlessly in your truth — and be of service to the world.

Look, the “broke ’n burned out” yogi cliché is a myth — and it doesn’t serve anyone. Not you, not your children (or future children), and certainly not the students who look up to you. When you know yoga’s your calling, you have a responsibility to show up as a professional.

I’ve poured two decades of insight, experience, and know-how into this program because I’m fiercely committed to your success. I want to save you from years of being so lost and frazzled, you have to skip your own yoga practice — the very stuff that ignited your heart and soul, in the first place.

You deserve so much better than that. You know it. (And when you forget it, I’ll remind you.)

We all need mentors: someone to advocate for our greatness, call us out on our BS (with love), and show us the blueprint we need to be really and truly successful. This is what I love doing. And this is precisely why I created this program for you.

Yup: it takes hard work. No doubt. (But I know you’re not afraid of getting down to it.) When you’ve got me in your corner, a results-driven roadmap, and a supportive community … it is 100% possible to create the yoga career you’ve dreamed of.

I give you my word.

 Try this:

Open to possibility. Pivot. Get deadly serious. Say yes. Grow exponentially personally and professionally. Set up a solid yoga business foundation. Grow your community. Launch your online or in-person offerings, programs, or classes. Make an impact. Share your gifts. Facilitate life-changing experiences for your community. Earn incredible money with impeccable integrity.

And remember 2020 as the year you woke up, got you out of your own way, made the investment in yourself and your future by taking the necessary action steps to set yourself up for success NOW and into the future.

Accepting Applications through Friday, January 20th ⭐️

*Space is Limited to Ensure Hands on Support


Zero fluff. Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Yoga Professional Incubator 2.0© won’t waste an ounce of your precious time or energy.

I guarantee it or your money back .

I’ll show you how to cut away the superfluous stuff that’s sucking your time and focus on the truly important bits — whether we’re talking about streamlining your asana sequences or setting yourself up for sustainable financial success.

Our lessons are always brief, potent, and immediately actionable. And they’ll never rot on your hard drive.

Online learning = no airfare or vacation time required.

You’ll get a robust hybrid of learning styles, including group coaching calls, self-paced solo work, and opportunities for one-on-one mentoring — no matter what time zone you tune in from. Plus, you’ll have access to the entire course (including records of everything) for 12 months, to revisit any time you’re pivoting or need a boost.


If you are here, know that the Universe is conspiring for your greatest good. 

This is the foremost virtual incubator for yoga teachers ready to build the powerhouse, profitable, passion-fueled lives and businesses they’ve always dreamed of.

It would be my honor to be a part of YOUR journey.

You’ve already proven you’ve got what it takes.

You took a sharp left turn instead of doing what was expected. You’ve followed your heart, sacrificed stability for service and traded the status quo for living a truly authentic life.

Your dad might think this “yoga thing” is just a phase, but your heart knows: you are not crazy. You are courageous … and you’re just getting started.

But you are stuck in a rut, struggling to see the bigger picture, lost and wondering what to do next, and how to make your passion and purpose sustainable.

How do you shift from doing yoga to living it, heart-on-fire, sustainably?

Especially when it seems like every other yoga teacher is struggling just as much as you are. Hang with me, I got you.

Lemme lay some facts on you:

If you’re not making money teaching yoga, you’re doing something wrong. But you’re not alone.

- 50% of yoga teachers earn under $36,000 per year.
- Only 10% earn more than $63K.
- And only one teeny-tiny percent of yoga teachers crack 6 figures.

Make less than $36K
Make less than $63K
Make less than $100K

Now’s the time to rise, as a leader. But how?

Truly great yoga teachers don’t just know the nuts ’n bolts of anatomy, sequencing, and Sanskrit.

They radiate confidence. They live responsibly. They’ve created systems and strategies that keep them from burning out (or needing a side hustle). They’re committed to having an impact, changing the world, and living their life to the fullest. They learn business strategy along with pranayama. They thrive in the outer world without sacrificing their spiritual journey.

They’ve found mentors to help them grow from teachers … into leaders.

If you want exceptional results, you need an exceptional approach.

You have to challenge your beliefs and do the work. You need a smart and soulful mentor. Someone who’s actually rocking it and has proven they can empower others to make an impact, cultivate a thriving business, and a rich life. Someone to show you the way and hold you accountable when things get tough.

But most of all? You have to choose it.

Accepting Applications through Friday, January 20th ⭐️

*Space is Limited to Ensure Hands on Support


I will show you how to turn your passion into a thriving career
that supports YOU, your community, and your cashflow.

It’s time to chuck the Starving Yogi cliché in the compost bin.

What is The Yoga Professional Incubator?

What You Get

Inside the Yoga Professional Incubator, you’ll experience 6 months of pure personal + business transformation along with soulful support you need to soar including:

You will also get 7 amazing Bonus Gifts:

Stepping up your game is a sacred responsibility — not just to yourself, but to everyone whose life you can touch.

Accepting Applications through Friday January 20th, 2023


A year from now you will be so glad you started today

Investing in yourself + the TYP Incubator could change everything.

And for many, many teachers it already has.

Ask yourself this: 

What could be possible as an independent yoga teacher if you spent 6-months guided by a powerhouse team and surrounded by a beautiful, supportive and kick-ass community that has your back every step of the way?

— Here’s the tough love truth—

  • There is so much you can do when you put yourself out there, commit, and follow-through.
  • If you’re broke in the yoga biz, you’re doing something wrong.
  • Healthy boundaries make you more effective (and generous), not less (or bitchy).
  • If you can’t remember the last time you took a day off, there’s a problem.
  • Enough with the patchouli.
  • Wanting a retirement fund doesn’t make you a sell-out. And having a business plan doesn’t make you un-spiritual.
  • You’ve got greatness within you. OWN IT. I’ll give you the blueprint and be your guide.

Savvy strategy + inner transformation + rock solid mentoring =

You, aflame with purpose.

When you’re a yoga professional and set up to kick-ass online, you can:

  • Have complete flexibility of where you work from and when so you can spend more time with loved ones, and travel as your heart desires.
  • Afford a vacation. And those slingbacks. (Really.)
  • Pandemic proof your business and set up for a life that leaves a legacy.
  • Stop worrying you’ll have to go back to your day job.
  • Earn the respect of friends, colleagues, and even your judgy uncle —  because you’re rockin’ it.
  • Shut up the “itty bitty shitty committee” that’s keeping you paralyzed with perfectionism, self-criticism, and playing small.
  • Stand out from the crowd by honing in on your unique gifts and qualities — and sharing them in magnetic ways that serve.
  • Facilitate powerful, soul-stirring group experiences that take students on a profound journey of healing + transformation.
  • Draw clear, healthy boundaries and be impeccable with your word + follow-through.
  • Stop wondering how you’ll afford retirement if you don’t win the lottery — because you’ve got your sh*t figured out.
  • Know how to have those tough conversations with students and colleagues — in conscious, gracious ways.
  • Be so great at your craft, even your off-peak classes have a waiting list.
  • Free up the bandwidth to plan ahead (so you never need to scramble for a sub the week or day before).

And you can also:

  • Clearly communicate your value and requests in ways that make it easy for people to say yes.
  • Claim precisely where you are on your path — with appropriate humility and confidence.
  • Build real relationships with your students that support their success without blurring your boundaries.
  • Feel held, challenged, and supported by a rock-solid community.
  • Be able to show up completely for your work, even when you had a monster of a day (or week!).
  • Find the sweet spot between freedom and structure that best supports you and your career.
  • Stop overextending and exhausting yourself.
  • Stop obsessing over tiny details and focus on what really matters.
  • Become the supreme gatekeeper of your time. In your classes and your whole life.
  • Realize how freaking amazing you are.

What sets this program apart?

Real Yogis- Real Results

Each of us has unique talents and gifts to contribute to the world, and we make our contribution by turning our individual dreams — the ones that truly excite and inspire us — into reality.

~ Joseph Campbell

Make a living….living your calling.

Fantastic Questions & Answers

  • Is the Incubator only for Yoga Teachers?

    NO 🙂 The fundamental principles of building an online business are the same regardless of your niche. We had many, many participants successfully complete and implement Incubator strategies from all different backgrounds. Personal Trainers, Pilates Instructors, Wellness/Health Coaches, Acupuncturists, Intuitives, and more.

  • Do I need to teach a certain style of yoga to do this?

    Nope! This is open to all lineages and levels of experience. I’m not worried about where you came from — I’m devoted to where you want to go.

  • I’m brand-new to teaching… is this for me?

    YES. This will give you the foundation you need for a successful career, right off the bat … and save you YEARS of running in circles. There’s no reason to put it off.

  • I’ve been teaching yoga for years … is this for me, too?

    Abso-friggin-lutely. It’s never too late to work toward your dreams and thrive with even greater efficiency and effectiveness.

  • What if I’m not good enough to do this program?

    Rubbish. You’re 100% good enough! And when you’re not sure, I’ll remind you. Because this is what I’m really good at. I can see the best version of you, bring it to the surface, and show you how to put her in charge of driving your life.

  • Do all of your graduates sound exactly the same, in their branding and teaching?

    Not a chance. You’ll learn to celebrate your uniqueness. The real deal, deep-down kind that makes you an incredible professional — and attracts the clients you LOVE working with.

  • What happens in the live group coaching sessions?

    Coaching straight from me (Katie) about everything from strategic tools to teaching techniques to business blueprints to conscious communication to deep personal transformation. Laser coaching and guided experiences. Moments of reflection. Interaction out the yang.

  • What if I miss a class?

    No worries. They’re all recorded so you can watch ‘em later. (You’ll probably want to re-watch some of them, anyway — they’re pretty potent.)

  • Is there a payment plan?

    Yup! You can either pay in full and save $1500 OR do a payment plan in monthly installments.

  • Who should NOT take this?

    If you’re not willing to do the work, please save your cash. If you need to be right 100% of the time, you probably won’t dig my style. If you’re hopelessly addicted to hyper-masculine, ultra-rigid techniques … I can only help you open to the flow so much. If you just want a magic recipe that’ll save you from doing any work, sorry, doesn’t exist.

  • If I don’t do this now, when’s the next time you’ll offer it? I’m already stretched so thin!

    The Yoga Professional Incubator only happens once a year. (Because I believe in sustainable workflow and weekends with Pinot Grigio for you AND me!) But let’s get brutally honest for a minute: if you keep going how you’re going, are you really going to have more time and money, this time next year? Or is signing up now going to be just the thing you need to set you up for success, this year?

  • Is this a Yoga Alliance Accredited Program?

    Yes. If you are a registered teacher with yoga alliance you will receive 50 continuing education non-contact hours and up to 30 non-contact teacher training hours toward Sacred Lasya and The Yoga Professional  300-hr training. You will receive a checklist with details about completing these requirements for hours upon registering.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completing this training?

    Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion once you complete the training and successfully complete the assignments.

  • What’s the meaning of life?

    The moment is now. Turn within. Transform yourself. Love deeper. Serve others. Have fun.

  • Am I guaranteed to make money?

    This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and I can’t promise anyone a 6-figure business in six months. But here’s what I know for sure: if you follow my guidance, put in place the systems and strategies you’ll learn, and do the inner work, too — you’ll get incredible results. I know this because I’ll be teaching you exactly what I did to go from zilch to multiple 6-figures and beyond, as a Yoga Professional. You don’t have to pray for some serendipity or lightning flash to become a thriving, happy Yoga Professional. If you put in the time to build your skill set and momentum, you WILL create your own success.

  • What happens when I click “apply”?

    You’ll be taken to an application page where you can share more about yourself and schedule a 1-on-1 call with me to discuss if this program and opportunity is the right fit for you at this time.

    Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive an email with everything to get you prepped and ready to rock ’n roll.

    Then, once the program begins January 31st, you’ll get access to the private members’ area where all the course material lives and get plugged into the amazing TYP community.

  • Still have Questions?

    If you still have questions or need clarity before applying send us an email

Accepting Applications through Friday, January 20th ⭐️

*Space is Limited to Ensure Hands on Support


Do the work. Leverage your gifts. Shine. Take no sh*t. Make time to nurture yourself. Embrace the unknown. Follow what magnetizes your heart. Learn from the best. Worship integrity. Truth = freedom. Leave the world better than you found it. Root down. Flow. Take action with purpose and heart. Stop stalling. Answer the call. Join your tribe … and claim your future.

Together, we rise.